The transport and the hotels in both makkah and medina were wonderful! You really did make our first (of we hope many) trips extremely memorable!
Ghizala, Shamim, Sanaa and Faraz, UK
It was the best experience of my life… JazakAllahu khair for all your help and the service we received definitely exceeded our expectations. I pray that Allah accepts our umrah and forgive our sins….Ameen
Seham, UK
I really enjoyed every minute of it and thank you for providing the best accommodation and the closest locations. Everything went smoothly with flights and baggage. Alhamduillah now back to the daily UK life.
Gemal Dabab, UK
I cannot rate this company highly enough. From the first contact, they have been very friendly and helpful with any questions and requests. I would highly recommend them to anybody as they were so easy to deal with, honest and very professional.
Ali Uddin, UK
Alhamdulilah the overall experience was amazing, we both enjoyed it a lot and would love to go back. Jazak’Allah khair for helping us to make this journey happen. May Allah reward you for your hard work in helping so many people to perform their pilgrimage and May Allah answer your du’as and give you what’s best for you Ameen.
Jamil Truong, UK
A huge thank you to Radiant drops for their amazing service.. It was our first experience of performing umrah, our advisor was very supportive in solving all of our concerns and preparing us for our journey… We had a very comfortable stay without any problems. If you are also looking for a memorable experience of Hajj/Umrah without any hassle or worries, then I would highly recommend Radiant drops. We certainly will be going with them for many more amazing memories.
Sadia Butt, UK
We have no regrets choosing Radiant Drop’s December 2014 Umrah package – it was amazing experiencing the Seerah of our beloved Prophet (saw) with Sh Abu Abdisalaam. And the brothers organising the trip were professional, friendly, calm and collected and facilitated our journey very well.
Hashim and Shaheena, London
I was very happy with the Dec 2014 ummrah experience with Radiant Drops. I plan to use them again InshaAllah to make another trip to the holy land. The price reflects the security of being in a group and having everything organised for you by their guides – we just needed to turn up.
Angela Amina, North London
This was my first time going umrah and it has been a life changing experience. I had an amazing time and met many people that have had a great impact on me. I gained memories from this umrah that will no doubt stay with me for the rest of my life.
Mohammad Ali Ahmed, Lewisham
This umrah was a truely unbelievable and amazing experience which I shared with my young family. The staff and group as a whole were very warm and I have gained friendships and memories which will remain with me for the rest of my life. The tour guides were always there to support and the religious guide was truely out off this world. May Allah except it from us all. I CANT WAIT TO GO BACK INSHAALLAH!!!
Shazad Hussein, East London
Ma Sha Allah Sheikh was Excellent made us cry when giving his talks and talking about our beloved Prophet SAW and his companions RA and the hardship he SAW went through for us and we had fun and laughs during the tour as well May Allah SWT rewards the brothers and Sheikh for their hard work leading up to the tour and during the tour
Name Withheld, Unknown
The dream became a reality. May Allah accept it from us and you!
Sister Nudrat, UK
I thought it was an excellent experience for me since it was my first time, and having a group like Radiant Drops with the shaykh and other speakers Ma Sha Allah was excellent. I particularly like the religious talks! Also when problems occurred the organisers managed it well.
Bint Ahmed, Luton
Having been on Umrah & Hajj on many occasions with various groups, me & my family decided to attend Umrah April 2015 with Radiant Drops.

Alhumdulillah by far to date we have had our best, easiest & life changing experience with the organisation of the group.

We did Umrah with our one year old son, & what gave us peace of mind, was both Hamza & Hassan ensured that all our needs were met.

We could see that the group could easily cater for both young & old. From our initial meeting @ Heathrow, to our departure from Mecca, Radiant Drops did on all occasions make us feel that we were well looked after.

From spiritural talks, ziyarats, I, my wife & son felt strong feeling of enlightenment.
The group was Like a family to us.

Radiant Drops delivered on all accounts, and was well structured. The convience of the hotels & it’s locations were outstanding. We could see that they over the years Radiant Drops have developed a good & strong understanding for catering for all types of brothers & sisters. There knowledge in how the trip was structured, came to light instantly.

I personally would recommend Radiant Drops to any brother & sisters. We hope In Shaa Allah to travel again with Radiant drops for another Umrah or Hajj.

Bilal Siddiqui, Docklands, East London
I thoroughly enjoyed the religious talks given in makkah and medinah. Everything was well organised and when problems did occur they were well handled
Unknown, Unknown
Was a life changing experience, Ma Sha Allah Radiant Drops are kind people and very good helpers Ma Sha Allah.
Hammad Abbas, Birmingham
Al-Hamdu Lillah the communication and information provided by the tour guides was very excellent Ma Sha Allah.
Adam Abbas, Birmingham
Great people, great company, very efficiant and informative
Shabeeba, Huddersfield
Enjoyed it very much, having religious guides helped a lot. Learnt so much from the sheikh and the lectures that i listened to were brilliant.
Amina Begum, South West London
overall experience was very good.
Mamode Aniff, East London
I enjoyed the experience we came out as strangers and going back as a family.
Nimata, North London
This is my first trip to Makkah and Madinah with my family. I was extremely impressed with Radiant Drops. It made our Umrah journey pleasant and less stressful. I have nothing but praises for our tour guides, Hamza and Hassan. They were extremely patient, very friendly, very communicative and well organised. Thank you for making our journey pleasant and unforgettable. I won’t hesitate to recommend Radiant Drops to my friends and relatives.
Mohammad Abu Haneefa, Chesterfield
An Iman boosting journey seeking Allah swt nearness. I was honoured to be a delegate of Allah and Radiant Drops facilitated my path with sensitivity and care.
Foziya Reddy, North London
Perfect agency to have the best Umrah experience. Would highly recommend it and would definitely consider going with them again. Jazak’Allah to everyone who organised it and was a part of it.

Razia Salique, East London